Hi, We are Melicelio.
We craft magical websites that help your business growth.

Our recipe is based on a user-centric approach, mixed with the ingredients of the modern web, with a pinch of mushroom powder.

The result is a love potion for your customers that works like a charm.

The web alchemy

Tailor-made design

Your company deserves an enchanting look, not just another dull template. We make a point in designing unique websites, with minimalistic and crystal clear interfaces that your users will fall in love with.

Abracada... marketing!

Marketing is like casting a spell: you need a formula (your website) and saying it out loud (your marketing strategy). We help you get more traffic with proven strategies for business growth.

Out-of-this-world fast website

We use the modern tools of website development (a.k.a the JAMstack) that allows us to explore speed territories that site builders and CMSes can't even dream of.

Not your usual web design company

We are a small team of passionate web wizards 🧙‍♂️

When working with us, you get 100% of our attention.

We value clear and open communication to ensure a strong and healthy collaboration.

Once we have a good understanding of your needs, we'll provide you with the most suitable solution, without bothering you more than necessary. We know your time is very precious!

We make a point of delivering spot on a website with tremendous performances that really make a difference for your business.

A group of web developers sitting in a magical forest.
A group of people having a business meeting in a magical forest.
Two people shaking hands in a magical forest.